Welcome to Bulwinkleland!

These photos document the dismantling of the scrap-metal exoskeleton that surrounded artist Mark Bulwinkle’s home in North Oakland from 1975 – 1991. Depending on who you talk to, neighbors either adored Bulwinkle’s sculpture-encrusted property or considered it an eyesore. Bulwinkle’s friends referred to the property as “the Thrilla on Manila” (Manila Street, that is.) Personally, I find the crazed whimsy of Bulwinkle’s art delightful. But then, I never had to live next door to it.

Mark Bulwinkle, 1991. Photo credit: Hardy

 BANC PIC 2006.029–PIC, Carton: P80, Folder: Bulwinkle, Mark

Mark Bulwinkle, 1991. Photo credit: Hardy

BANC PIC 2006.029–PIC, Carton: P80, Folder: Bulwinkle, Mark

Bulwinkleland currently thrives in an Emeryville neighborhood, and may be explored virtually through the artist’s website. In his own words:

You may google me and through the magic invasiveness of those merciless search engines find out more about me than you would ever want to know. Some of it may even be true.

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5 Responses to Welcome to Bulwinkleland!

  1. Hey, that’s a pretty good picture. How’d that guy get so skinny? Long ago. Long ago. Really, for accuracy in reporting about the Thrilla on Manila, I’ve never had a friend I didn’t like. Onward, wagons ho!

  2. I love your pieces! I saw some at the coffee shop in Oakland. I went to your we site and looked around; WOW!! In my youth I did some oxy-Acetylene welding as a motor-head hippy in New York. I have appreciation for the creative, crazy, and dangerous process of some of your work! Your brain has to be as strange as mine. So…nice work!

  3. it reminds me of the big house in aukland new zealand

  4. greg nielsen says:

    my friend walt worden from pompton plains, nj is remembering his visit with you in 1983 at your house in berkeley…still thrilled with the 12 pieces he bought. he would love to hear from you.

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