National Sweater Week, 1957

As we sort through the Examiner Collection, we have come across many images of Miss Americas from years past. But recently we found a unique celebrity that calls out for attention.

The year is 1957. It is National Sweater Week in New York. Carol Conway and 4-year-old Vicki-Jo Nixon have been elected “Miss Sweater Girls.” They were chosen from approximately 500 professional models from New York City.

This year, the introduction of “Mr. Sweater Guy” (Russell Nype) has come about, sponsored by the Wool Bureau and the Knitted Outerwear Foundation. He is, as quoted in the Examiner, “The man we would most like to buy sweaters for.”

Miss Sweater Girls and Mr. Sweater Guy, 1957. No photographer attributed.

BANC PIC 2006.029–PIC, Carton: P122, Folder: Conway, A-B

As we move from the C’s to the D’s, I look forward to each new carton of goodies!

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