Tigers and stingrays and ponies … oh my!

From miniature ponies at the circus, to photographing dolphins underwater, we have some more fantasic animal shots to share from the Examer’s print team!

Below, Robert Hayward, chief taxidermist of the British Museum, London, uses a dentist drill to prep a tiger’s tooth for an exhibit (1955).

Robert Hayward with tiger, 1955. International News Service photograph.

BANC PIC 2006.029–PIC, Carton: P339, Folder: Hayward, M – Z

Have an extra straw?

Nerice Moore with poodle, 1962. No photographer attributed.

BANC PIC 2006.029–PIC, Carton: P545, Folder: Moore, Nerice Fugate

Photographer Peter Stackpole makes a friend below (1965).

Peter Stackpole photographing dolphin, 1965. No photographer attributed.

BANC PIC 2006.029–PIC, Carton: P734, Folder: Stackpole, Peter and Mrs.

“Well, moo me down!” (Actual Examiner text.) Jackie McDonald, a Carnation queen at San Francisco’s Cow Palace, poses in this 1956 shot from the Grant National Livestock Exposition.

Jackie McDonald poses at the Cow Palace, 1956. San Francisco Examiner Photo.

BANC PIC 2006.029–PIC, Carton: P515, Folder: McDonald, J.

The photo below was taken in 1931, and is of Janet Ford, a screen player with two adorable circus ponies.

Janet Ford with circus ponies, 1931. International News Reel Photo, Los Angeles.

BANC PIC 2006.029–PIC, Carton: P253, Folder: Ford, Janet — All

The photo below is titled in its Examiner article “Hero of the Klondike.” The photo text reads “This famous huskie, Klondike Skipper, “mushed” alone through blizzards and drifts 85 miles into Dawson to summon aid for a United States mail carrier trapped in a storm. The dog, owned by Mrs. Estelle Gray Lhevinne of Alameda, will be a feature attraction at the dog show, which opens Saturday evening at the Oakland Auditorium.” This story ran in 1930.

Estelle Gray and her huskie Klondike, 1930. No photographer attributed.

BANC PIC 2006.029–PIC, Carton: P465, Folder: Lhevinne, Estelle Gray & son

Below, Emeryle McHale has won a trip to New York, having been judged the “finest outdoor girl in California” at the 21st Annual California Rodeo held in Salinas. McHale was chosen to reign as “sweetheart of the rodeo” and enjoyed a thrilling trip to Manhattan!

Emeryle McHale, 1932. International News Photo

BANC PIC 2006.029–PIC, Carton: P520, Folder: McHale, Emeryle


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One Response to Tigers and stingrays and ponies … oh my!

  1. pratap says:

    wow! what a rich collection of archived photos you have!

    Amazing blog.

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