Welcome to the staff blog for the Bancroft Library’s Fang Family San Francisco Examiner Photographic Prints archive. The two-year processing project, which began in 2010, is funded by a grant from the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR). This blog is intended to provide an overview of the processing project, including the staff, project challenges and progress, and staff picks of historically interesting, humorous, or bizarre photographs.

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Introducing the Staff

There are currently one full-time and two part time employees working to process the Examiner photographic prints.  Photographic processing assistants, Tessa Updike and Beth Shippey have fearlessly taken on the arrangement and description of the over one-million images that make up the collection. Processing assistant Christina Mune joined the project in January of 2011 but has since moved on (although not forgotten). Additionally, staff member Lu Ann Sleeper of the Bancroft Library Pictorial unit is processing the oversize box portion of the collection.

Tessa Updike

Beth Shippey

Christina Mune

Due to changes in custody before the Bancroft acquisition of the collection, the photographs are in some disarray.  Tessa and Beth have been working to rearrange the photographs and return them to their original order.  After they are arranged the envelope headings are entered into a database, which will eventually become a finding aid on the Online Archive of California.

Example of an unarranged carton

Carton after processing

After contributing to a great start on the project, processing assistant Christina Mune is leaving to live in Santa Clara and work at San Jose State University, where she is a student in the MLIS program.  Her hard work and cheerful attitude will be missed by those of us on the project, but we wish her the best of luck in her new endeavors.  The first “official” staff pick on the blog was contributed by Christina.

Christina waves good-bye to the project

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